My name is Adrianne Marie. Good to meet you!

adrimarieus_queenwelcomeWelcome to my portfolio! I am an aspiring digital designer with a little bit of this and that who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area at a place some know as the Gateway to Silicon Valley. This site’s purpose is to showcase some of my work from the visuals to the literary, as well as sharing some knowledge through quick tutorials, advice, and write-ups regarding today’s web trends, social media, designing industry, and anything related.

I specialize with the simple and clean, but I can do complex and abstract too. We can work things out in order to tailor to your needs of your project.

If you are looking for someone to provide for all your visual and literary needs, whether a personal project or a call to action for your online presence, I’m your nerdette. Take a look below!


What I can do…

Check out samples of my work at the Work section of this site. This section will be updated once new work, whether it is a personal project, commercial project, or even experimental. The following categories are as follows:

More to come as soon as I have the opportunity to create new material!

When I’m not doing visual work…

Along with showcasing my work and offering my services to all your online presence needs, I also like to write and share my interests and some of my knowledge regarding the online media industry from web designing and development, social media, or anything related to the vast world of the internet. I also provide  a few quick tutorials for those aspiring designers like myself, advice regarding the latest industry trends,  personal takes and opinion towards the industry and anything else related, such as social media. All of these are located in the Blog section.


This site is about…

This portfolio has been around since the mid-2000s as a senior project back in college and has evolved through several changes including the name changes, domain changes, and changes that should be on par with the latest standards. As technology continues to evolve, so will this site and all of its contents. There really isn’t such thing as a “complete” website. Just like the human race, everything else evolves.

Learn more about this site and myself, my background, and anything else related in the About section. Thank you!


Interested? Please contact me via the Contact section for various ways to get in touch with me. Thank you for visiting and hope you return again!